Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Some thoughts about John Mayer

I pulled out one of my old favorites (You know, the kind that you listen to over and over again until the CD explodes in your car player) today, Room for Squares.  This was one of the earliest of John's works, it put him on the music scene basically with a Kaboom! I love this CD, every stinking song, but there's definitely a good chance I will fall asleep to these 2 - his voice is so deep and slow..specifically City Love & Great Indoors. When I burn a CD, they are history, gonzo.

My Stupid Mouth I can really relate to mainly because it's my life in a nutshell. You don't know how many times I've been told to shhhhh and/or followed by some disapproving look by someone. I dunno, I kinda say what ever I'm thinking...could be my ADD which has followed me since Kindergarten. Battle Studies I enjoy listening to if I am pissed off at my Mate or going through a rough patch. He obviously wrote this after or during one of his many just didn't work out relationships..the title says it all.  Continuum (Stop this Train & In Repair) and Heavier things (Clarity!) I also love most of the tunes on there, and then after that I just went cold with it. 

Once he started wearing that long hair and stupid ranger hat, disappearing from the music circuit for a period of time...was it vocal cord issues? I just wasn't interested anymore, he kinda pulled a Johnny Depp. Just never worked again for me for some reason. I did attempt at listening to the one after that, can't think of it right now and too tired to look on iTunes. Oh hell, just saw it. Born & Raised.

...You'll be so good for me...

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wayward Pines

I am really trying like hell trying to understand this show.. I sorta got the gist of it. The world was destroyed by evil forces and this is the only town left in the world? The US?  That nut Pelcher tried to preserve it's own little safe world inside that town...and what is with the Pleasantville vibe? 

Thank God my Hub is next to me while watching to try to make sense of it all.  What I want to really know is what's up with that Dr. Theo's wife..

Actually I think those angry-ass Abbies remind me of the creatures on iRobot.

Guess all the secrets will be revealed...must have patience!

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark Necessities - NEW CD!! 2016

Moonlit Purple Ocean

Lol...Welcome to my world :)


Interesting concept..but what if they grab the safe and run off with it?