Monday, December 30, 2013

Beautiful Cougars

Happy New Year 2014

May all your wishes come true !

From Purple Dreamy

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall is here

Fall Beauty

Olivia & Elliot... Sigh

Boy do I miss Law & Order SVU.  I know, I know, its still around. But I must say, barely.  Stabler's gone, now Munch is gone..Cragen is just about out the door. We have this Danny Pino guy who isn't that bad of an actor, but he has no WOW MAN Star Power, if one can understand that other than female viewers.  He is just kinda "there" to me. 
We have Olivia who once again is just the shell of a destroyed woman, as we have weathered time and time again. She is obviously getting ready to fill Cragen's shoes and is acting the roll.  The Blondie who I can barely tolerate is now sitting at kiddie tables trying to shake kids down for information ala Olivia in better days.  Fin is barely on,I am getting some bad vibes he is next to skedaddle. I miss having perps shoved up against walls and chairs thrown in the Interrogation room. :(

The show is going to hell in a hand basket and I can't do anything about it.