Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Purple Octopus

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Purple Halloween

Very cool...

Is your cat trying to kill you?

I laughed my ass off when I spotted this on FB...Every thing is so dead-on true..especially when they run frantic away from something like they saw a ghost. I truly love cats but my allergies tell me I can't have one unfortunately.

I love the combination of the black pumpkins with blue night moon background. It's so different, though I have been seeing this color pumpkin lately sold in Target, along with purple too.

Purple Eyed- Cat

This purple-eyed cat is amazing. I want to say it's photoshopped but the place I found this the person is saying not. I dunno...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Freedom Tower - NYC

Whatdy'a know...it's Rick Cerone

I just found out who the mystery Yankee was that was sitting behind us at the Bagel store the other day.  We knew he looked familiar but we just couldn't figure it out.  When he said something about leaving a new autographed picture and I heard Yankees, I knew this guy was "someone". Remember Rick Cerone the Yankees catcher? Well, he apparently had an ex or something that was part owner of this place. He was talking about being on Sirius XM radio that night..something about blasting Robinson Cano.  I contacted a person I know whose parents work there. I thought it was pretty cool. He's changed alot, but looks in good shape.  It was one of those things where one would go crazy until you found out.

Dandelion GIF - Just love this