Friday, January 29, 2016


No $15 raise for you guys

Not being mean but I just need to vent.

Our McDonalds in town just cannot get it right, same girl, all the time. I hear her voice and I cringe.

This time I said I will YELL into that speaker and she will hear me right.

No such doing. I YELL Egg McMuffin MEAL, MEDIUM coffee..blah blah blah creamers and sugars. Get to the drive in window, the bag feels light. The other new girl of the day looks at me and says Large coffee, right? I say, No, I said MEDIUM coffee. Oh, she says, they are the same price. I then tell her well the creamers and sugars I told you fit in a medium coffee cup size. She is standing there with a medium in her hand, it's not a large anyway.

Then I look in the bag, no hash browns. I say, did she not hear the word MEAL. Response; No, sorry, she only charged you for the Egg Mc & coffee. Rear view mirror shows angered faces waiting. I just give up, guess I'll have to repeat loudly word after word at the order screen so the accented one can make sure she got it all.

Welcome to my World.